The core principle of modular building is to shift a substantial piece of the site construction phase into an off-site manufacturing environment

Platinum Pacific aims to be the leading contractor of sustainable, scalable modular buildings by using its proprietary, stackable building system to disrupt the traditional building industry. Advances in technology, spearheaded by those developed by Platinum Pacific means that building modern, modular buildings for rapid installation on-site now poses significant disruption to traditional, inefficient construction models.

Now offsite manufacturing of modular buildings offers developers and investors key benefits:

Modular building represents a fundamental step change for the industry as the economics, environmental and societal outcomes are deeply and permanently altered.

Together with the introduction of lean production techniques and the use of Building Information Modelling to increase quality and accuracy, developers and building owners can finally their holy grail.


Modular Health Care

Aged Care

With costs escalating and operating environments becoming more and more difficult the rapid deployment of additional space not only increases revenue velocity but also reduces the stress caused to residents and staff during a building programme in a live venue. Being able to minimise disruption to an existing facility and dramatically reduce on site time is a benefit to aged care providers.

student accommodation

Proven projects in Canberra, Melbourne and extensive application in the UK show that the common designs used in student housing are very well suited to modular applications. Using large format modules or bathroom pods the benefits in delivery certainty, timescale reduction and factory quality procedures are demonstrable and applicable in an industry that is driven by efficiency.

Modular Hotels


Time is money in hotel accommodation and every empty bed on every night that hotel isn’t open is money lost to the operation. Modular construction has proved to be a key to the expansion of this sector and is now standard with many developers and operators across the world.


Multi-residential and multi-family developments are a major beneficiary of off site construction with increased application across a number of markets starting to prove the economic and timescale benefits of modular integration. The application of similar design and standard process means that pipeline led multiple developments benefit enormously from off site construction technology.