Lifecycle Bathroom Pod System


Key benefits:

The new PPA Lifecycle Bathroom Pod system offers benefits for all home and apartment owners and very significantly commercial users such as hotel operators, student accommodation providers and is perfect for aged care and affordable housing projects. The new Lifecycle bathroom pod system is designed to minimise issues from waterproofing as well as reducing renovation downtime which all contributes to increased total returns in the commercial sector and greater peace of mind in the residential sector.

In developing the Lifecyle bathroom pod system PPA also looked at how the industry historically built bathrooms and whether they could modernise old style building techniques.  PPA has re-introduced the bathroom “Safe-Tray” concept but modernised it using stainless-steel which is fully integrated with a stainless steel strip- drain. PPA also recommends that clients consider fully lining the bathroom walls in stainless steel for maximum future proofing around water issues. Also mindful of time and the cost of installing bathrooms and minimising hook time for the head contractor, PPA assessed and re-developed its entire installation process and base material selection. The PPA Lifestyle bathroom pod system is now the fastest installed pod system on the market.

PPA’s full lifecycle assessment means products such as the Lifecycle Bathroom Pod system adds value and eliminates major waterproofing issues. This can reduce renovation downtime – particularly important in operating assets such as hotels or student housing.


Technical + Compliance

Australian + NZ
Building Code

PPA to provide testing, compliance and documentation to meet the requirements, project specific or generic, of the local codes and standards.  Local codes such as the Building Code of Australia (BCA) have specific requirement for certain elements and these are all complied with through alternative solution reporting or testing and certification.



All PPA bathrooms are Watermarked.

Marine Engineering Dictate (MED) +
ISO 9000

The entire PPA facility, the design team and management are bound through their marine industry requirements to maintain the highest level of management and quality control under MED. Even when delivering outside of the marine environment the overall organisational control implemented under the MED process increases testing, evidential and compliance routines that surpass those found in the construction industry anywhere in the world by a considerable margin.

Working alongside the highest standard of marine industry quality control procedures under the MED compliance structure, R&M Alvedoor comply to the very highest level of ISO9000 quality control requirements.

Logistics and Installation Building logistics

Just in Time Production

The PPA pods are manufactured efficiently and effectively so that storage time can be minimised depending on the needs of the customer. This reduces risk, cost and time to site.

By producing pods floor by floor as they are needed on site we can deliver the first pods to site faster. 

Customs and Quarantine

Shipping product through borders and intermodal locations means that the documentation provided needs to be beyond doubt.

PPA’s compliance routines ensure that all documentation, testing and certification requirements for destination import is completed to meet or exceed the standards. 

Fully Managed Aggregated Delivery Process

PPA work together with you from initial design through to final positioning and handover.  The principle is that handing over a product for installation to an outside resource after that product was produced under such stringent quality and compliance criteria is considered an incomplete quality process. The teams on site throughout the process the entire chain of logistics – factory to final site position – is directly linked to the successfully delivery of the best quality bathrooms available anywhere in the world.

Delivered to Final Position

PPA’s innovative connection and location procedures allow very fast handover procedures to allow following trades to gain more from prefabricated bathrooms.

With an average truck delivery to final fixed in position (FIP) tact time of 45 minutes the majority of site installs exceed contractor expectations and demonstrably contribute to accelerated floor hand over programmes