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PPA is integrating modern methods of construction into projects by seizing the opportunity to re-think the production and delivery process. This includes: The Lifecycle Bathroom Pod System, and the Fast Track Installation Process to deliver cost benefits across the build, delivery, installation and longevity of modular construction and pod application.

NEWSFLASH: PPA is expanding now working in the USA and continuing to expand operations in New Zealand, Asia and Australia. The business is focused on being a leader in lifecycle modular construction and innovation that delivers real value to the developer and builder providing building investors with economic savings across the lifetime of their investment.


Production has now been set-up in Australia, coupled with existing facilities in Asia and offers key innovative solutions, access to new technology developments in the modular market, and key learnings from a multitude of projects around the world that demand visionary thinking to deliver clever, cost effective solutions.

The outcomes are tangible and measurable:

  • Lean production
  • Standard solutions
  • Integration and use of Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Simplified supply chain management
  • Efficiency through up to 40% shorter build times
  • Less waste through sustainable build methods
  • 90% produce usage/low waste equation
  • Not reliant on sand /steel structure build

Building Modular Benefits

  • Reduce costs and increase profitability
  • Construction waste reduced by upto 90%
  • Installation disruption reduced by upto 90%
  • Thermal performance increased by over 30%
  • High energy efficient ratings, using sustainable design and build methods
  • Exceptional quality control eliminates defects by upto 80%
  • Streamlined project from order to delivery
  • Reduction of energy and water used across the project site
  • Up to 90% repurposing of all off cuts.

Quality Systems

PPA provide comprehensive quality assurance backed partner selection processes to ensure that quality, compliance and performance outcomes cn be achieved. PPA manage the process from design through to final installation and commissioning and assure partner compliance with required codes and standards.

Meet the Team

Australia-New Zealand Office

Rory Grace

Rory Grace

Executive Director

Ian Baker

Ian Baker

Finance Manager

Rufus Harding

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Butler

Head of Operations and Logistics


Platinum Pacific Asia is located in Sydney Australia and operates across Australia – New Zealand precinct.