New Lifecycle Bathroom Pod System engineered by PPA increases total returns

Platinum Pacific Australia (PPA) has re-imagined the current pod bathroom design and specification drawing on 30+ years’ experience in offsite construction and prefabrication. Says Rory Grace Director of PPA Pods, “we spent time with developers and builders to really understand the problems and costs associated with poor quality bathroom installations. The amount of time required to fix defects and specifically the myriad of issues with traditional waterproofing which often don’t manifest immediately but cost builders considerable amount of time and money. These considerations inspired us to produce a durable and dependable waterproofing solution that provides the sector with a better outcome. A prefabricated bathroom pod that would underline a building owners’ investment over the full lifecycle of the bathroom”. The new PPA Pod Lifecycle Bathroom pod offers benefits for end users of bathrooms such as hotel operators, student accommodation providers and is perfect for aged care and affordable housing projects. “By looking at the production attributes from a long-term life cycle analysis, our bathroom pods are designed to minimise issues from waterproofing as well as reducing renovation downtime – which all contributes to increased total returns” “In developing the Lifecyle bathroom pod system we also looked at how we historically built bathrooms in the past and whether we could modernise old style building techniques. We have re-introduced the stainless-steel safe tray concept and coupled it to an integrated strip- drain. We also recommend to clients that we fully line the bathroom walls in stainless steel for maximum future proofing around water issues.” Says Rory Grace Also mindful of time and the cost of installing bathrooms and minimising hook time for the head contractor PPA assessed and re-developed its entire installation process and base material selection to make the lifestyle bathroom pod system the fastest installed pod on the market. “The bathroom pod market sector is seeing tremendous growth globally, which PPA Pods is matching with innovation, quick installation and exceptional quality. PPA’s full lifecycle assessment means our products add value and eliminates major waterproofing issues. This can reduce renovation downtime – particularly important in operating assets such as hotels or student housing. The company is expanding, now working in the USA and continuing to expand operations in New Zealand, Asia and Australia. The business is focused on being a leader in lifecycle modular construction and innovation that delivers real value to the developer and builder providing building investors with economic savings across the lifetime of their investment. Production has now been set-up in Australia, coupled with existing facilities in Asia and offers key innovative solutions, access to new technology developments in the modular market, and key learnings from a multitude of projects around the world that demand visionary thinking to deliver clever, cost effective solutions.

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