Technology Cross Over – Marine Engineering to Construction

Ship building is a highly competitive and investment led industry resulting in more efficient practices to provide the very high quality and compliance outcomes required by ship owners and insurers.

The construction industry has the lowest productivity of any industry. The trend in construction is based on increased labour content rather than other industries who have increased capital investment to dramatically improve productivity.

Marine engineering is one of these superstars of productivity. In Belgium, offshore and marine engineering productivity gains were so large that they skewed the national average in 2017. The marine industry is highly technical, bespoke, geographically challenged and highly competitive – similar in many ways to construction. However, through better investment the marine industry has lifted productivity to make services better, cheaper and more sustainable.

So what happens when you apply ship building mentality to the contractual and organisational circus of the construction industry?

Our German marine engineering partner R&M Group have been delivering construction specification wet area pods (bathrooms and shower units) to Australia and New Zealand in the past year.

We have no doubt that R&M’s construction product is the best bathroom in the world. Stainless steel lined, built to order and cheaper than a site built product – all at an unmatched level of quality.

If you would like to find out more about how your organisation can increase productivity using marine engineering know how – give us a call.

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