German Marine Engineering Quality Offers 35 Year Design Life in Australian Construction

You know the look you get when your mother in law discovers your bathroom at home isn’t working properly. You built it (or the builder you employed did) and you’re entirely responsible for the failure – whether it’s your fault or not.

Imagine if she was on a cruise ship holiday of a lifetime – and you’re responsible for her cabin build.

She’d never talk to you again if she’d just paid $15,000 for a cruise ship cabin and the toilet packs up halfway to Fiji.

Maybe it’s the stuff of dreams (or maybe she doesn’t talk to you anymore anyway) – but in shipbuilding it’s the biggest driver for quality.

Ocean going ships, and even submarines, undergo the most rigorous tests for acoustics, vibration, fire safety and durability. They have to survive constant movement, staggering customer utilization criteria with minimal downtime for repairs or refurbishments. They are assets that need to sweat to make money.

And if a toilet fails… It’s a really big deal.

That’s why our German marine engineering partner R&M Group have a standard design life of 35 years. They apply the principles to everything they do; everything they produce. Including construction pods – or land pods as they are know by R&M.

How does this translate to construction? Simple. During the rigorous design phase of R&M’s land pod development there were a number of high risk areas that failed the criteria. By far the most relevant was the application of construction grade waterproofing membrane – a product with multiple failure points.

R&M’s solution was to replace the membrane, required under Australian standards, with stainless steel. Was this more expensive? No – and this is why.

As a true manufacturer – R&M build pods from scratch in house; base sheets, wall panels, doors, drain units. The improved productivity by eliminating membrane drying saved operational cycle time.

If you would like to find out more about how your organisation can increase quality using marine engineering know how – give us a call.

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